My Soapmaking Journey

My soapmaking journey is nothing short of practical and ordinary.

I have sensitive skin so I am  very careful with what I use for  my face. 

In 2016, I attended a short workshop on soapmaking and found myself enjoying it.

I could do this!

I began attending advanced workshops. I joined online communities to learn from more experienced soapmakers. I read books and articles. 

A resource that I found very helpful was the  Soap Queen by Bramble Berry

Since then, I have not been buying my soaps.   I have given them as gifts to family and friends. Some like my soaps enough to buy a few bars.

I have learned so much about soapmaking in the five years that I have been doing it and I want to share some of my insights.

Soapmaking as a Science and Art

I appreciate what they say about soapmaking as a science and art.

The saponification process (when the lye reacts with the lipids) is a science. It is fascinating when the solution becomes milky and thick after mixing the lye water and the oils. The resulting product is soap.

I want to think that the benefits from the fatty acids in the oils and butters are also part of science.

How we “design” our soap – how we want the final product to smell and look makes it an art. 

We can add add colors and fragrances or apply different swirl techniques – the sky is the limit. Sometimes, I can’t wait to see the cut or the form after 24 or 48 hours. I have even made beer soap!

A New Passion

It has encouraged me to find a new passion.

I have never imagined my non-scientific and non-creative persona to be doing this. But hey, it works for me. When people ask me what I do in my spare time, I say that I make soaps.

By the way, I am not a chemist nor a medical professional. Content on the pages of this website is the result of my own personal experience and experiments. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace any recommendations by a doctor. 

New Learnings and Opportunities

Now, I understand more about the benefits of the ingredients on the products I use.

I have also become interested in skincare, essential oils, resins, herbs, etc. There is so much to learn!

Less is More

I have discovered that I like my soaps unscented. I also go for natural colorants, additives, and plant extracts. 

Here are some images of the  soaps that I have made. 

I have also compiled a list of terminologies often used in soapmaking. 

What is your soapmaking journey? Do share.

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